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Studio Classes

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Register for each class at least 2 hours before start time. 

60-75 minute classes

$20 or included in membership


Building Foundations w/ Abe

This class will focus on building a foundation in yoga incorporating the traditional and creative. Setting up your body to support your poses, using props and breath awareness. Holding each posture for a few breath cycles to really feel into the postures and your body. Class incorporates a guided meditation and long savasana.


Low and Slow w/ Beckie 

This class starts seated, either on the floor or in a chair, while tuning inward to our breath. We will slowly connect our breath with gentle supported movements.

Modifiations will be woven in throughout the class, allowing each participant to have a personalized practice. We close in a supported savasana with a guided mediation.

This class is designed to be accessible to all, while encouraging mobility, flexibility, and regulation of the nervous system.

Candlelight Yin w/ Greg

Using passive postures, combined with long holds, this class allows for a deep stretch of the connective tissues and fascia. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles in this relaxing class with a focus on joint health. Starting with simple poses, with many options to add on, makes this class perfect for students of all levels.

Gentle Mobility w/ Amanda

This is the practice of mobility and working toward/ maintaining flexibility.  

A slower moving practice – focuses on the transitions or the movements in between holding a pose. This focus works on joint mobility and functionality, and your mental awareness of what your body is doing. Closing with a longer relaxing, meditative Savasana. 

Rest and Relax w/ Beckie 

An accessible and trauma informed Restorative yoga practice. We will utilize all the props creating fully supported poses designed to encourage deep relaxation & passive stretching. Each supported pose is held for several minutes encouraging the breath, mind, and body to ease into stillness. This is an amazing nervous system reset & self care practice. Multiple modifications offered, allowing for a truly personalized practice.

Restorative Flow w/ Greg

Join Greg in this light flow class using a restorative approach to the poses. Come to restore the mind and body.



Vinyasa Slow Flow + Yin w/ Amanda

A slow flow VINYASA class where we will flow between postures, holding some for a couple of breaths or a count of 3-5. Elements focus on strength, balance, and dynamic movements. Class closes out with a few Yin, or calmer, deeper stretches, held for 2-3 minutes each. Closing with a longer relaxing, meditative Savasana. 

Feel the Flow w/ Abe

Flowing from one shape to another utilizing your breath to set the tempo of your movement. Finding your state of flow in your own moving meditation. All welcome.

Energizing Flow & Play w/ Greg

Combining traditional yoga poses in an empowering, playful, and interactive practice, working on your strength & mobility.

Sound Healing

Sound Bath classes are now 75 minute classes.

$35 OR included in memberships.

Yin with Sound w/ Lake

Join us for this blissful journey of peace and tranquility. The intentional use of sound will transport you to a state of deep relaxation with the soothing vibrations designed to promote a gentle yet powerful therapetic and restorative effect. Paired with a 60-minute Yin Yoga practice, allow yourself to be fully absorbed in this calming practice.

Sound Bath Meditation w/ Amanda

A sound bath class incorporating an opening grounding meditation and breathwork.

Optional 1-2 Restorative Style yoga positions. Amanda takes you on a journey to release tension in the body & mind, and allow the nervous system to restore, rejuvenate, and heal. Using a collection of sound vibrations and frequencies creating a fully body experience.

Sign-Up for Classes Below

1. Choose a class & sign into Schedulicity.

2. Please choose a package or pay for an individual class. You must acknowledge the liability waiver and add card to file before it will let you proceed with booking.

3. Any questions at all, please reach out to Amanda:

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