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Meditation Journey - Day 1 : 9/30/33

Meditation is one of those things that I KNOW is so beneficial BUT my oh my is it hard to stay consistent.

Full disclosure I have been feeling very lost lately. What am I doing, Where am I going, WHO AM I????

Anytime I have felt a hint of these feelings and taken the time to sit down, turn in ward, and breath I do feel better. Taking even 5 minutes to stop everything and sit down CAN help even if for a few minutes. Enough time to clear out the chaos, push it aside and let some peace in.

I will bring Meditation back into my life as a consistent practice. Meditation is super duper intimating to a lot of people but it doesn't have to fact it doesn't HAVE to be or look like anything. Misconceptions are that you have to sit crossed legged, hands folded into a mudra, eyes closed and have your mind void of thoughts.

Meditation can be sitting, laying down, or even moving! Your thoughts ARE NOT going to stop, they ARE going to go absolutely least at first.


Think about often do you allow yourself to stop all action and just be with yourself, stop trying to move and control the thoughts?

Once you release "control" the thoughts are going to naturally jump around and scatter with that freedom.


Release control, let those thoughts go crazy.

Sit back and observe.

Release judgement... let them do their thing.


This is probably Step 1 in meditation and let me tell you I sit right there and only there ALOT.

Just sit back, observe the chaos. WHY is this helpful?? Because you are releasing - you are letting go of control. Think about what kind of tension you hold inside always having this control. Think about any kind of stress that can build up trying to direct the thoughts. Think about any worries that come with judgements attached to your thoughts. Now practice letting all that go and just simply exist.

It's harder than one thinks but that is a great first step. Starting with just an attempt. You may or may not feel an instant change or effect but keep at it. Keep turning inward, keep releasing that control and just let yourself BE.


Yoga is ALL about the journey - you ebb and flow constantly - I will be sharing some of that meditation journey as well as posting some meditation video links on the website that will link you to the YouTubes. ;)


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